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Fun packed singing sessions for those with memory issues.


Anne Smith

Trustee & Fundraising

07771 994 389

I joined MFTM in 2019 with my Mum who was diagnosed the previous year with mixed type dementia.  This diagnosis came within 2 years of moving to the area and at her grand age of 92.  The following year I became a trustee of this magnificent charity.

I gained an Honours teaching degree in Physical Education and Mathematics and taught both subjects throughout my teaching career.  I also had the opportunity to teach both boys and girls from 3 to 18 years of age.  For the last few years of my teaching career, I played a more substantial role in the pastoral side of the pupils’ education.

Throughout my college days and long into my teaching career I played and represented England at Lacrosse.  This provided endless opportunities for world travel, international competitions and making friends around the globe, something for which I am eternally grateful.  When my playing days were over, I became an international coach at Under 19 and Senior level.  I was also involved in various committees, fundraising and am exceptionally proud to have initiated and established the English Lacrosse Association’s Talent Identification Programme.

After 22 years of teaching, I decided that it was time to start a new venture.  I and a friend created a company that was responsible for developing standards and enjoyment for pupils and teachers in sports education.  The company was very successful in numerous ways.  However, soon after I moved to Whatlington and due to Mum’s diagnosis, I had to fold the company and become a full-time carer with no paid job!!

My interests are all sports, particularly if it involves the National team or Tottenham Hotspur of which I am a shareholder!  I also love gardening, walking my dog, gin, films, crafting and upcycling.

After a personal upset in 2012 I made a big change to my life; I decided that life was primarily about living and enjoying the moment.  Consequently, I now try my hand at several things that I have never experienced before but always wanted to, such as learning the piano, or in fact would never have thought of doing but want to have a go!!

I am delighted to be a trustee for this brilliant, empathetic and progressive charity – long may it last!