Monday 23rd August was a memorable day for us at MFTM as it was our first face-to-face session since we went into lockdown many months ago.

It was also special because we were testing our ability to operate effectively both in-person and via Zoom.  We have always been very keen to maintain both systems in order to facilitate everyone.  Therefore, during lockdown, we spent many hours researching the most effective way to present to both groups of people.  The generosity of the Sussex Community Foundation with their welcome funding allowed us to purchase the necessary equipment.  Towards the end of August, we had secured the equipment, ascertained the level of interest in returning to face-to-face, booked the venue and we were ready to go.

We were delighted with the result.  We managed to successfully engage with everyone whilst ensuring safety at the Battle venue.  As always, the session was very enjoyable and appreciated by our members.  We look forward to starting regular sessions once again.