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Fun packed singing sessions for those with memory issues.


How We Help

Helping the Cared For

We are an innovative thoughtful group who are constantly striving to create a supportive, safe, and enjoyable environment for those living with memory issues and their carer.

As you will see from our website, we offer numerous ways to help.

Our weekly singing programme brings happiness and joy to the cared for and sets them up well for the week.  Music is a powerful tool, and we see a positive change in our member’s demeanour as we progress through the session.

Additionally, we provide some physical and vocal warm-ups and a mini quiz to support their physical and cognitive well-being.

The role of a carer can be rewarding but also stressful at times and we all need some downtime.

Supporting the Carer

At MFTM we also strive to support the carer.  They are welcome to participate in our sessions, as they are uplifting and fun, and music benefits us all.  However, should they prefer, we also offer opportunities for the carer to gain some quality downtime away from the caring role.

Therefore, please sit down, relax, and look through our website at ease to see the many ways in which we can help.

Get in touch through the Contact Us page if you have any questions.

“You have two hands.  One to help yourself, and one to help others.”  Audrey Hepburn

At MFTM we believe that we offer a full, rounded, supportive and unique programme for anyone who joins us.

In essence, we offer the following:

  • A fun and friendly atmosphere
  • Free sessions
  • No obligation, no singing or music background required.
  • Support for the carer re our PA payment scheme and/or at our centres.
  • A diverse and varied weekly programme
  • Familiar songs to evoke verbal and emotional memories and new songs to challenge and extend skills. Singing stimulates brain activity, wellbeing, expression and mood.
  • Physical activities (seated or standing). Exercise helps the brain by keeping the blood flowing and increasing chemicals that protect it.
  • Quiz – we run a small quiz related to the songs we sing that day thus encouraging the use of short-term memory. An enjoyable way for a person to test their knowledge, reminisce or simply feel involved.
  • Refreshments – mid-session. Social interaction can boost self-esteem and force the brain to be active.  It also grounds the person in the present.  Moreover, carers have the opportunity to speak to others in similar positions
  • Personalisation – singing Happy Birthday to members and their families/friends
  • Gift bags at Christmas and other special occasions
  • Commemorative occasions – VE Day, Easter, Christmas. This involves creating a programme around the occasion including optional dressing up etc.
  • Enthusiastic, empathetic and creative staff
  • Many of our support staff are currently or have been informal caregivers themselves.
  • Loan of user-friendly and reliable computer tablets for connectivity


As past or present carers ourselves we, at MFTM, pride ourselves on considering all suitable options for providing the best environment and support for each individual member and their carers.

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What is a Session Like?

Click below to read more about what our sessions are like?  We have provided both face-to-face and online sessions in order to reach and keep in contact with a wider group.

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Our Services

As well as a weekly session, we offer other services too that you may find useful.

What else we offer

In September 2019 the World Health Organisation undertook a major study investigating the evidence for the health benefits of the arts.

A section on dementia found evidence of multiple specific benefits including reducing anxiety and depression; supporting cognition, speech and memory, reducing the need for antipsychotic drugs and fewer and shorter stays in hospital.